The majority of people consider an apartment leasing consultant to be the person behind the desk in an apartment complex lobby who takes you on a tour of the space. If this is your opinion, then you are correct in your assumption, but there are various other aspects to the consultant than merely showing a person an apartment. This article will provide information on what is required to be an apartment leasing consultant.

What Is An Apartment Leasing Consultant?

The apartment leasing consultant is typically the potential tenant’s first point of contact, so it is important that the first impression is a good one. This means they need to be professional and pleasant at all times. In apartment complexes, the consultant will often manage the property as well and need to interact with current tenants daily. Taking this into account, the consultant’s duties include planning and executing marketing strategies to bring tenants in along with caring for existing tenants’ concerns. Agents may also need to qualify potential tenants by conducting background checks, maintaining contact with the tenant, and coordinating any wait lists with move-ins.

It should be noted that apartment leasing consultants don’t deal with potential tenants exclusively. The duties involved with current rentals can extend to keeping track of current rental discounts and promotions, advertising upcoming vacancies, planning events and activities to keep the existing tenants engaged, and even accepting mail for the current tenants. At all times, the consultant needs to maintain a professional demeanour and relationship with tenants, headquarters and senior management.

Are There Education Requirements?

In the majority of states, the apartment leasing consultant must have a minimum of a GED or high school diploma. In practice, most employers tend to prefer people with college degrees or real estate licenses; however, it is possible to operate with a high school diploma if someone with a license supervises you. If you do not have experience as a leasing consultant, working in customer service roles could provide you with transferable experience in a related industry.

What About Personality Traits?

The most successful apartment leasing consultants are those with outgoing and friendly attitudes. The extroverted personality often places people at ease making a good first impression. You will be required to work on the computer as a leasing consultant, so it is vital that you have a proficiency in this area or are willing to learn. You should also have excellent organizational skills and an air for diplomacy to help people through difficult situations.