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Hostal de la Luz

The unmatched beauty of the landscape and mountains, high ground vibration, magic and wisdom of Amatlán, birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, combined in a unique setting: Hostal de Luz.
A space whose most important goal has been, since its conception, providing the human being an oasis of peace, health, beauty and harmony, in order to reconnect with his one true self: a spiritual being of Light.
We are a proud Mexican tourism company, noted for its environmental activities and holistic human development.
We have 23 luxury suites with terraces and meditation spots, exquisitely decorated spaces and spa, and activities with an ideal environment for self-encounter.
Visual and tactile environments offered by Hostal de la Luz vibrate with asian flavor. Its aim is to celebrate and teach. Understand our subtle essence is critical to the health of body, mind and spirit.
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